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Last updated on July 5, 2024

Immigration laws and policies are constantly changing, so immigrants must try to maintain a current understanding of the rules that apply to them, which can be difficult to do.

Mr. Johnson at RF Johnson Jr. Law Offices understands how important it is for children and their families to remain together. For this reason, Mr. Johnson provides legal support to young immigrants and their families as they work to stay together and pursue their future goals and dreams, as well as help with other immigration law matters.

Facing Criminal Charges

For any immigrant, a criminal charge or arrest can be a serious threat to their status in the United States. In many cases, an arrest or criminal charge alone could be enough to compromise your ability to remain in the U.S., and if taken into custody could lead to removal and deportation proceedings.

In addition to being very knowledgeable about immigration law, he is also an experienced criminal defense attorney and can work to prevent a minor arrest from leading to removal.

Deferred Action Status

Young immigrants may be protected from deportation for up to two years after they are granted deferred action status. Deferred action status also enables young immigrants to support themselves and their families financially by providing them with authorization to work. Immigrants who have been granted deferred action status can reapply for it before their two years of protection elapse.

RF Johnson Jr. Law Offices can help you apply for deferred action status. Deferred action applicants benefit from working with experienced immigration law attorneys because attorneys understand all of the various program requirements, and they can help applicants to present their cases effectively.

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South Carolina immigration attorney Ronald F. Johnson can help you understand the various immigration laws that are applicable to you and your family so that you can make decisions that will help all of you accomplish your immigration-related goals. Call the firm’s West Columbia office at 803-462-4427, or use his online form to make an appointment with him.