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Helpful Guidance For Custody Disputes

When a couple with children divorces, their family life can change in many ways while remaining the same in other ways. Parents have a great deal of freedom to choose what they would like their family life to be like during and after their divorce. When parents approach a divorce in a thoughtful manner, they are often able to create outcomes that work well for both themselves and their children.

Mr. Johnson at RF Johnson Jr. Law Offices has helped clients throughout South Carolina obtain child custody and visitation agreements that meet both their own needs and the needs of their children.

An Experienced Attorney Working To Help You

Mr. Johnson has more than 20 years of legal experience, and he understands how much parents care about their children. His compassionate and caring approach to assisting clients has helped many clients to negotiate or mediate successful resolutions to their child custody and visitation issues.

Sometimes, parties are unable to use negotiation or mediation to resolve child custody and visitation matters. In situations where litigation is required, Mr. Johnson provides steadfast and effective representation while pursuing his clients’ desired results in a courtroom setting.

Child Custody And Visitation Disputes

Most divorce cases are settled instead of going to trial, including divorce cases of couples with children. RF Johnson Jr. Law Offices has helped many clients negotiate or mediate child custody and visitation agreements that meet the unique needs of their families much better than custody and visitation agreements designed by the courts ever could.

Many parents enter their divorce believing that negotiation or mediation could not possibly work in their situation because of the level of conflict between themselves and their soon-to-be former spouses. Some of these parents are able to go on to negotiate or mediate child custody and visitation agreements.

An Attorney Can Help Reduce Conflict

This is because by choosing to work with an attorney, they actually reduce the level of interpersonal conflict between themselves and their soon-to-be former spouse so that ideas are able to be exchanged and considered in a less emotionally intense atmosphere.

Attorney Ronald F. Johnson understands that each family is unique, and as such, he encourages parents to pursue resolutions to their child custody and visitation disputes that address the unique needs of their families.

Realistic Goals For Custody Agreements

When parents work with their attorneys to design child custody and visitation agreements that accommodate both of their work schedules, all of their children’s school schedules, important family and community activities, and the children’s developmental needs and ages, everybody in the family wins.

These agreements work much better for families than child custody and visitation agreements that are imposed on parents by the court because a judge cannot know all of the details and intricacies of each family’s situation. The firm can help you develop these types of agreements.

Litigation Of Child Custody Matters

There are times when negotiation or mediation does not result in the parties working together to create a child custody and visitation arrangement that they can both agree to. Attorney Johnson has an in-depth knowledge of the factors that are important to the courts in making their decisions in child custody and visitation litigation.

His experience in litigating child custody and visitation matters enables him to understand how the facts of your situation translate into information that can be presented to the court to help the judge determine an outcome for your child custody and visitation dispute that serves the child’s best interests.

Contact The Firm

If you have a challenge on your hands regarding child custody or visitation, RF Johnson Jr. Law Offices will help you to work to obtain the best outcome for your situation. To learn more about how attorney Ronald Johnson can help you, call his office today at 803-794-0140 to schedule your free consultation.