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Will I Receive/Pay Alimony

If alimony is an issue that you and your soon-to-be former spouse will be dealing with in your divorce case, Mr. Johnson at RF Johnson Jr. Law Offices can help you to obtain the results that you are looking for by pursuing an award of one of the four types of alimony in South Carolina, which are as follows:

Permanent Alimony

The first type of alimony is permanent periodic alimony, which is referred to as spousal support or separate support and maintenance if it is ordered during divorce proceedings but before the divorce becomes final. It is paid once or twice a month, and it is permanent, which means that payments continue until the supported spouse cohabits for over 90 days, the supported spouse remarries or either spouse dies. Permanent periodic alimony can be modified or even terminated upon proof of a substantial change in circumstances.

Rehabilitative Alimony

The second type of alimony is rehabilitative alimony, and it is only available in cases where a party provides credible evidence that the supported spouse is likely to become self-supporting within a specific time frame. It is awarded for a term of years and payments are made on a regular basis. An award of rehabilitative alimony terminates if the supported spouse cohabits for 90 days or more, the supported spouse remarries or either spouse dies.

Other Forms Of Alimony

The third type of alimony is lump-sum alimony, which is an award of a fixed-dollar amount that may be paid all at once or in installments. Lump-sum alimony is unique in that it does not terminate upon remarriage or even when the paying spouse dies. An award of lump-sum alimony does terminate upon the death of the supported spouse. If one spouse has made considerable personal sacrifices in order to support the other spouse’s business or education, enabling them to earn more money, an award of reimbursement alimony, the fourth type of alimony, may be appropriate.

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