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Protecting Your Rights In A Divorce Or Family Legal Matter

Last updated on July 5, 2024

Each divorce case has its own set of issues that must be addressed. Mr. Johnson at RF Johnson Jr. Law Offices can help you understand your legal options and how to protect your interests and those of your children. He can help you work through property division, child custody, alimony and all of the many issues that follow the filing of a divorce.


Alimony and child support are both forms of payment that can be ordered as part of a divorce in order to provide one or both parties with financial resources. The alimony calculation employs many factors and is complex. He can help you whether you may be receiving or paying alimony.

Child Custody And Visitation

Experienced attorney Mr. Johnson has worked with numerous clients on the challenges of child custody and visitation agreements. He works to obtain agreements that meet their children’s best interests while protecting the parent’s interests.

Child Support

South Carolina couples calculate child support using a statutory formula known as the child support guidelines. The child support guidelines account for factors like the income and earning capacity of the parties, child care expenses, health insurance expenses, among other things.

Litigation And Modification

While conflict is not ideal, in some cases traditional litigation is the only way to resolve a dispute in a family law case. Mr. Johnson is experienced at trial and can confidently take your case to court when necessary. He can also assist with modifications to child custody, visitation, child support or alimony should there be a substantial, material change in your circumstances.

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When you are facing a challenging or difficult family law matters, RF Johnson Jr. Law Offices will help you work to obtain the best outcome in your case. To learn more about how Mr. Johnson can help, call his West Columbia office today at 803-462-4427 to schedule your free consultation.