Five Reasons Why Criminal Defense Attorney

If you are facing criminal charges in South Carolina, you must protect your constitutional rights from first contact with the authorities. You may wonder whether you should represent yourself in court or retain an attorney. Some of your friends and family might suggest representing yourself in court because they think that you would do just fine for yourself without spending money on an attorney. Although these people mean well, they may not have any actual knowledge of the criminal justice system and how it works, or what is at stake in your criminal matter. If you are trying to decide whether to retain an attorney, here are five reasons why you should contact an experienced South Carolina Criminal Defense Attorney.

First Reason — Protecting Your Rights

Experienced criminal defense attorneys examine the facts of each case closely to determine whether any mistakes have been made by the police. There are rules which specify how physical and verbal evidence can be obtained, and how it must be handled. There are also rules which protect your rights. Your attorney can spot evidentiary issues, and they may be able to challenge the charges if your rights were violated or if any evidence was improperly obtained.

Second Reason — You Need an Aggressive Lawyer

You should be represented by an attorney in your criminal law matter is that staff at the courthouse will not help you with your paperwork. There are many forms that must be filed in a criminal proceeding and it is essential that they are completed properly and submitted on time. If you fill your paperwork out yourself and make a mistake, it could affect the outcome of your case. South Carolina Criminal Defense Attorney Ronald Johnson has a great deal of experience in preparing criminal case paperwork, so he knows how to get all of your forms to the correct locations and parties in time to meet all of the filing deadlines.

Third Reason — You Need an Experienced Attorney

Hire a South Carolina Criminal Defense Attorney is that the State to protect your side of the argument. The prosecutor is the attorney whose goal is to win their case for the State South Carolina. The prosecutor is your adversary, and unlikely to take it easy on you if you go to court without legal representation by a qualified attorney. When you retain a Criminal Defense Attorney, you avoid being on the weak end of a power struggle in the courtroom.

Fourth Reason — You Need A Solid Defense

Only a knowledgeable Defense Attorney has the skill to represent you when there is so much at stake. Any type of criminal conviction will have consequences that will affect your life and the lives of those close to you in numerous ways. Your South Carolina Criminal Defense Attorney knows how to help you minimize the impact of your criminal charges on your present and future interests.

Fifth Reason — You Need Options

It’s important to hire Attorney before you talk to police. This preserves your options. Many criminal defendants are offered options which could help them avoid being convicted. Criminal cases can be settled before trial, often with positive results for the defendants. Your South Carolina Criminal Defense Attorney can look into whether a dismissal, plea bargain, or diversion is available in your case. They will also help you to assess the pros and cons associated with each of the options that are available to you.

If you have been charged with a crime, South Carolina Criminal Defense Attorney Ronald Johnson will help you to pursue the best possible outcome in your case. To learn more about how Attorney Johnson can help you, call our office today at (803) 794-0140 to schedule your free consultation.